The Cheesecake Factory White Chicken Chili

The Cheesecake Factory is of course a well-known, popular and famous restaurant known for their yummy cheesecakes and great food. As long as I’ve dined there, I never knew about their White Chicken Chili and how yummy it is! You must try it if you have not already. They have many locations all around the world so just go to their website and see where one is by you.

The White Chicken Chili:

A Generous Bowl of Chicken, White Beans, Roasted Green Chiles, Onions and Garlic with a Touch of Cream. Garnished with Steamed Rice and Fresh Salsa

This item is featured on their SkinnyLicious® Menu and Catering Menu. 

Instagram: @cheesecakefactory

Facebook: /thecheesecakefactory

Twitter: @cheesecake



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