How to make yummy chili “E Recipe”

It’s fall time and it is getting a bit cold outside so the one of the perfect meals to cook during this time is chili! My finance’ was craving it and I can always eat it, so I made it! I don’t eat beef, so this recipe will have turkey but of course you can use ground beef instead. This chili is so yummy. Keep reading below for the recipe.

What you will need:

Package of ground turkey (or beef)

Can of rotel (diced tomatoes and green peppers)

Can of chili beans

2 tablespoons of chili powder, 1 teaspoon of onion powder, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, half teaspoon of red pepper flakes, 1 tablespoon ground cumin, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper, pinch of cayenne pepper. (OR you can just buy the pack of chili seasoning at the grocery store.)

In a skillet pan brown your ground turkey  and drain the fat when done. Add in your can of diced tomatoes/peppers, chili beans, and seasoning, add some water if dry and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

Serve over rice, with crackers or just eat alone! Don’t forget to top with shredded cheese….. and/or sour cream (if that’s your thing.)


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